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KEDPLASMA USA Expanding with Two More Plasma Collection Centers; Ongoing Growth Continues to Benefit Rare Disease Patients

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KEDPLASMA USA, one of the world’s leading collectors of high-quality human blood plasma, has added two plasma collection centers to its growing network – one in Atlanta, Georgia, and another in Longview, Texas. Both locations are considered to be strategically important to the Company as the demand for plasma continues to accelerate. Indeed, the global plasma protein therapeutics market is estimated to be at approximately USD $24 billion currently, and is poised to reach nearly $37 billion by 2023, with a consolidated annual growth rate of approximately 9%, according to industry analysts.         

The centers are part of a KEDPLASMA USA five-year plan to bring the number of plasma collection centers that it owns and operates to a total of over 30 by the year 2022. Plasma is a key component in a range of therapies used in treating diseases or conditions such as hemophilia, primary immune deficiency, rabies, prevention of Rh sensitization, and others. Therefore, as KEDPLASMA USA expands its operations, more patients across the U.S. may have access to the important therapies that, ultimately, are derived from the collected plasma. With the two newest additions to its suite, KEDPLASMA USA now owns and operates 17 plasma collection centers nationwide.

“More and more people are being diagnosed with serious, sometimes life-threatening diseases, a number of which are treated with products derived from safe, high quality plasma,” said Helen Nasser, Managing Director of KEDPLASMA USA. “KEDPLASMA USA is tracking this trend closely, expanding our collection center network in line with a long-range plan designed to help ensure more patients have ongoing access to those products, even as the demand for them accelerates. We are excited by the growth we are achieving and by what it means for patients who benefit from plasma-derived medicines, now and well into the future.”

KEDPLASMA LLC collects plasma for Kedrion Biopharma Inc., which is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and which is the U.S. subsidiary of Kedrion S.p.A. (Kedrion Biopharma) of Lucca, Italy. Kedrion Biopharma commercializes safe, effective, plasma-derived therapies that treat a range of rare and serious health conditions, including hemophiliaimmunological and neurological conditions, and certain acute, life-threatening conditions requiring treatment in the critical care setting.

KEDPLASMA is also one of the largest suppliers of high titer rabies plasma in the world. All centers owned and operated by KEDPLASMA USA are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are monitored by the relevant European healthcare regulation authorities.

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