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KEDPLASMA Announces New Persona® System

KEDPLASMA has announced the adoption of a new, more personalized system to tailor plasma donation for each individual donor to better match their body characteristics.  The system, known as Persona®, calculates safe donation volumes based on the donor’s body mass index and hematocrit, a measure of the percentage of red blood cells in the body.  This method replaces the traditional, much less refined calculations based solely on body weight.  The company, which operates more than 30 plasma collection centers has always put donor safety, wellbeing and comfort first, and this donor-tailored system optimizes both efficiency and donor impact.

Helen Nasser, Managing Director for KEDPLASMA is enthusiastic about the system’s benefit to donors.  “With Persona, we are able to make the donation process more personalized.  The volume to be collected is customized to each individual donor and each individual donation.  This is state of the art technology, and it underwent one of the largest plasmapheresis trials ever conducted.”

KEDPLASMA, headquartered in Atlanta, is a subsidiary of Kedrion Biopharma, an international company that produces and distributes plasma-derived medicinal products for use in treating severe diseases, disorders and conditions such as hemophilia and immune system deficiencies.



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